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As of Curb 0.3.7, Curb comes with slightly better cookie support that makes it more “curl-like”. It probably sounds like shameless self-promotion that I’m blogging about these changes since I’d contributed them. Well, yeah that’s true, but I’m also doing so because I doubt these changes will ever be made known since Curb doesn’t publicize […]

Rails Metal has been available on Rails since version 2.3 – it’s old news. But if you haven’t used it or heard about it, you can find out more about Rails Metal on the RoR weblog and on Jesse Newland’s blog. So anyway, I am one of those laggards and only wrote a Rails Metal […]

You may have heard of it, but just in case, Living on the Edge is now going to be published on the official Ruby on Rails weblog. Big thanks to Gregg Pollack for getting me the new “gig”, and more importantly, for reviving and freshening up the content on the official Rails blog. Catch the […]

No mind-blowing changes in Rails this week prior to RailsConf – as Gregg mentioned last week in the Rails Envy podcast, it’s pre-2.1 days (Rails 2.1 will probably be released at RailsConf) so it’s pretty easy to see why. Oh and all Rails tests now pass in Ruby 1.9 after a long-standing #module_eval bug got […]

Juan Lupión wrote in to inform me that he’s also translating my Living on the Edge (of Rails) series of blog posts to Español. Thanks Juan!