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I’ve always wanted to get that fancy Powerline status bar and prompt. Chevrons and git branch icons in the terminal just sounds so… defying: I’d failed to get it working properly before because of a combination of outdated Powerline docs and confusion between OS X’s system python/vim and homebrew’s python/vim. Some of my former colleagues […]

Dave (DarkAngel) has responded to my call for help regarding the .NET Button ListBar Control and has kindly allowed me to post the solution here. Dave is the man really – he went through the trouble of grabbing the control, loading up VS.NET and working through it step by step with me in his email. […]

… short-circuit evaluation is how the logical human brain works when confronted with chained boolean conditionals in real life Having to pick up VB.NET for a Human Computer Interaction course this semester, I’ve been spending some time getting acquainted with the language through a couple of books. Every now and then I get somewhat bemused […]

More GA links. For archival purposes. ai-junkie is a great website with a GA tutorial written “in plain English”. Evolutionary Computation lecture notes by Thorsten Schnier. More Evolutionary Computation lecture notes by Riccardo Poli, including a section on Classifier Systems. Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms: Principles, Methods and Algorithms is an introduction to Evolutionary and Genetic […]

This is a collection of links on Genetic Algorithms. For archival purposes. Genetic Algorithms Warehouse is an excellent resource with collections of links to tutorials, papers, recommended books, software libraries, and essays. Part of AI Depot. The Genetic Programming Notebook is a huge collection of links related to GA(Genetic Algorithms) and GP(Genetic Programming). There is […]