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An old post I wrote on a spoof MMORPG named “Outside” was Dugg not too long ago and I was quite pleased to find that my server and the blogging software (WordPress) that I use was handling the load extremely well. Quite obviously I was getting more hits in a day than entire months: My […]

I just got back from BarCamp Singapore a few hours ago. I was only vaguely familiar with the Rules of BarCamp prior to this, and actually only found out about the event from Choon Keat (of RssFwd fame – check it out if you haven’t already) 2 days ago. Anyway, props to the organizers for […]

Ryan Boren, one of the developers of WordPress (which powers this blog), has an interim update on what’s going on behind the scenes in WordPress development and the new features in WordPress 1.3. Pages, themes, enclosures, and a richer plugin API are some things to look forward to.

I found this old link on LiveSearch that I’d wanted to implement here but never got around to doing so until now. It’s really quite a bit of a hack right now, with most of the code coming from the LiveSearch page on the Bitflux Blog wiki and with direct calls to PHP’s MySQL functions […]

Ever since Movable Type started to have the comments redirection feature (since version 2.66), comment authors’ URLs have been redirected via a simple redirection script that prevents them from appearing directly on blog entries. This (partially) solved the problem of comment spammers because links from comments no longer benefit from backlinks that add to their […]