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These instructions have been tested on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) 64-bit. Skip right to the instructions if you’re short on time. After being a happy Xen user for several years now, I’ve recently had to switch to an alternative virtualization solution. My colleague Arun (@iamclovin) actually struggled for a week with Xen VMs that locked up […]

God is a new process monitoring Ruby framework with a rather apt name (no, it’s not that God). The config files looks something like that: God.meddle do |god| do |w| … end end Interesting code to write. And feels safe too to have God watching over your mongrels. Oh and you can use it […]

I’ve never actually explored log rotation tools in Linux and merely knew of the existence of logrotate and left it at that until log sizes really became a problem. Turns out logrotate is amazingly easy to configure, and thanks to this Logrotate and Mongrel blog post by Corey Donohoe I have it setup for my […]

Not too long ago a couple of the Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06 LTS) VPSs we use abruptly became inaccessible. These VPSs were NIS clients that suddenly could no longer connect to the NIS master. Great. And as far as I could tell I didn’t do anything to those servers. I even managed to replicate the […]

I had to spend some time setting up Xen on one of the new Dell servers we bought and while there was some documentation around, I had to constantly refer to the different sources since there wasn’t a complete page which had everything I needed for my particular situation – I have a host machine […]