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YSlow is a Firefox extension that works with Firebug to grade your web pages’ performance and gives you advice on how to fix any problems. Awesome. It has JSLint built into it too. And yes I got a big freaking F. Via Arun (IRL).

Tom Preston-Werner (of Gravatar and Chronic fame) wrote about this neat MySQL command line “trick” where instead of ending your SELECT statements with the usual semi-colon, using a “\G” gives you a very readable output. mysql> select * from locations where location_code = ‘SIN’ limit 1\G *************************** 1. row *************************** location_code: SIN location_name: Singapore Changi […]

I saw a familiar furry animal on one of the ads near the entrance of City Hall MRT and did a double take when I realized it was actually a firefox! I had no real choice but to snap a grainy photo and post it here. Well, the ad actually labelled it as a “Red […]

With the recent update of Google Reader, Google’s shot at an online feed reader, I just had to try it out even though I was rather contented with Bloglines. I’ve been a long-time Bloglines user (since end 2003 I think), and even though there was little in terms of innovation and useful new features happening, […]

A bunch of cool stuff I found over the weekend that didn’t individually deserve a blog post, but I thought would be worth sharing. Extract Any Archive with Ruby This is really neat if you could never remember what commands or command-line arguments you need to extracting archives (.zip, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 – those kinds of […]