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In an effort to streamline Firefox’s UI, the latest Firefox nightly builds have moved the Stop/Refresh button into the right corner of the Location Bar. I like this move even if the Firefox developers are simply copying design ideas from other browsers (in this case, I believe Safari was first). When you’re typing in the […]

A minor UI improvement to Firefox has been made to Firefox and it’s currently only available on nightly builds of Firefox: the Stop and Reload buttons have been merged into a single button. This change should make it into Firefox 3.6. While a page is loading, the button acts as a Stop button: When it’s […]

A mini-tip on viewing images quickly in a new tab in Firefox. Useful for web devs who want to look at the URL of an image quickly. As an example, here’s the Youtube webpage of the owner of Maru the Cat: To open the thumbnail image of Maru in a new tab, right-click the image, […]

After seriously giving Firefox 3 Beta 4 a try due to Safari 3.1 breaking the Shift key in Gmail (update: as kindly pointed out by some of my readers in the comments, it was Gmail that was broken, not Safari 3.1, doh), I’ve converted to using Firefox 3 Beta 4 as my primary browser. Before, […]

The Firefox 3 developers have been working on a visual refresh that integrates more tightly into the OS, and the Mac OS X version is looking pretty sweet. Well, public opinion varies greatly – from people who feel that it’s a rip off of Safari to those who really like the Brushed Metal look (myself […]