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Something I noticed completely by accident today when I clicked on the titlebar of QuickTime Player today with the Cmd key held down. The “titlebar” is this thing here – I’m not sure that’s the right name for it: Anyway, if you hold down the Cmd key (aka the Apple key), a menu pops up […]

The Firefox 3 developers have been working on a visual refresh that integrates more tightly into the OS, and the Mac OS X version is looking pretty sweet. Well, public opinion varies greatly – from people who feel that it’s a rip off of Safari to those who really like the Brushed Metal look (myself […]

What’s your SSID?

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7 Sep 2007

After seeing this amusingly-named SSID, I thought it’d be fun to post the SSID of my wireless network at home: The name is completely not my idea so I claim no credit – I stole it from my girlfriend’s brother, who conceived the SSID of “AssAssID”. What’s your SSID and have you seen any amusing […]

Just a quick note of something I found out while reading Transcending CSS: all the themes (message styles, contact list styles, etc.) in Adium are crafted with our old friends XHTML, CSS and JS. I opened up a few AdiumXtras to see for myself and true enough, <div>s and CSS rules make up the style. […]

Read the bug fix announcement. Upgrade! This was causing extremely puzzling crashes in Safari on Macs (pre-Safari 3 beta) on one of our applications and I’m glad (in some ways) that the problem lay with the Prototype library.