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The mootools developers look like they are having fun defining their project roadmap: MooTools Plugin to uninstall Internet Explorer from any machine within network range

The last time I wrote about ActiveRecord#to_json on edge Rails, it was missing some key functionality. For one, you couldn’t include any associations. Another thing was you couldn’t do something like this in your controller: @authors = Author.find(:all) render :json => @authors.to_json(:only => :name) Oh and did I mention it wasn’t emitting valid JSON by […]

Converting ActiveRecord instances to their JSON representation has always been a topic that has been dear to me. I’d tried to get a patch that adds to_json to ActiveRecord into Rails (but the quality of my patch was lacking in a few respects). The Jsonifier plugin that I wrote tried to address the lack of […]

jQuery 1.2 was released yesterday and while it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work with some of the fantastic jQuery plugins I am already using, there’re some really cool new features. In particular (this is my favorite), built-in cross-domain script loading via the getScript is just too convenient. This would be awesome for loading heavy scripts […]

Update: Edge Rails now does whatever Jsonifier does (and more). Check out my blog post on JSON serialization maturity in edge Rails. This means that this plugin is virtually obsolete if you’re using edge Rails. If you’ve tried to output JSON from your Rails applications before, you’d probably have noticed how inadequate it all seems. […]