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Spent some time tinkering with Eclipse’s preferences today as I was really missing the Vibrant Ink theme for TextMate and Eclipse is looking pretty now… The only thing that I still couldn’t figure out was how to change the color of the folding/breakpoint bar next to the gutter. And I’m really starting to like the […]

We just never learn, do we? String fromLocationCode; Location fromLocation = request.getFromLocation(); String toLocationCode; Location toLocation = request.getFromLocation(); // Do stuff to toLocation First, my (extremely talented) colleague makes a similar copy and paste blooper, and one day later I repeat the same mistake. But, but… Select boring code, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, it’s sooo easy…

J2SE 5.0 is out

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1 Oct 2004

New Features and Enhancements in J2SE 5.0. I miss Java. I’m having a rough time getting used to wxPython (mostly because of its lack of documentation).

A long shot, but do any of you Java programmers think an applet that uses JMF can be deployed and run on a client that doesn’t have JMF installed? I think the chances would be higher if instead of an applet, a Java Web Start application was used instead. Bundling the JMF libraries could work, […]

Update: Dave has an excellent solution to the ButtonListBar .NET control problem. Firstly, the .NET question: does anybody know how to get this Button ListBar Control to work? I was trying to get the.NET Button ListBar control into my VB project’s toolbox – I followed these instructions: To use the control, add either the ButtonListBar.vb […]