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Jeena emailed me recently about his Rails plugin, plistifier, that allows you to render plists (property lists). It allows you to render your ActiveRecord objects as plists (among other things): def show @post = Post.find(params[:id]) respond_to do |format| format.xml { render :xml => @post } format.plist { render :plist => @post } end end Jeena […]

For those of you who use the excellent Railscasts TextMate theme and want to replicate the theme in Xcode, you can grab my version from Github. This is what it looks like: Save it into ~/Library/Application Support/Xcode/Color Themes/, restart Xcode, and open its Preferences. You will be able to pick the Railscasts Color Theme in […]

Slightly more than a month back I wrote this little iPhone app (App Store link), almost a toy app really, to check the usage of my data plan with my local telco (Singtel). I wanted to scratch an itch and I also really didn’t want to exceed my data plan – the fees are excessive. […]

After upgrading my girlfriend’s iPhone 3G to OS 3.0 recently, I noticed that the iPhone’s battery was getting depleted really quickly. I’d left it overnight with Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth, Push Notifications all off, and the battery went from 80% to a jaw-dropping OMGWTFBBQ 10%. I attributed it to the recent jailbreak (I’ve already removed the […]