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Completely by accident, I discovered that you can now drag a tab out from its current window to a new window in a recent Firefox nightly. A short video 24-second better explains what I’m talking about: This tab tearing capability is a pretty neat feature – I know you can already do this in Safari, […]

I’m a heavy tabbed browsing user – I have around 30 tabs open in my day-to-day Firefox profile all the time. Since the day Firefox 3 was released, I’ve noticed Firefox progressively getting slower with this particular Firefox profile (I use a different profile for web development). When it got to the point where changing […]

A few days ago I noticed that some of the pages on the Hotels app on were completely unstyled. They turned out looking rather Jakob Nielsen-istic: But we were attached to our ugly shade of green to leave those pages in their naked glory. Preliminary CSI work told me that some cached stylesheets generated […]

This week’s report covers changes from 5th May 2008 to 11th May 2008 (the day the corresponding Rails Envy podcast was recorded). script/dbconsole A script/dbconsole script has been added that allows you to connect to your database using its console client. If you needed to connect to your production MySQL database (you better know what […]

So we’ve been terribly busy at Bezurk these last 2 months or so working on our new re-branded site with a bunch of new features. We were lucky enough to secure a 4-letter domain name – (and it came at a price too!) so it was all worth it. Trust me, with a name […]