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Funniest bug report I’ve seen on the Rails issue tracker: Be sure to read the comments, and the resolution: I appreciate that penis enhancements are the norm for most of the commenters here, but their use is definitely not widespread enough to justify fixing this.

Jeanne d’Arc is a great little SRPG I’m enjoying right now – I don’t even want to start Final Fantasy Tactics until after I’ve completed Jeanne d’Arc. I have a Nintendo DS Lite as well and I have to say that I’m more of a PSP gamer where portable consoles are concerned. There just weren’t […]

The mootools developers look like they are having fun defining their project roadmap: MooTools Plugin to uninstall Internet Explorer from any machine within network range

Moar wiurd SSIDs

In: Fun

14 Sep 2007

Following my previous post on SSIDs, I saw this today when I fired up my MacBook on the bus: Some of the ones I liked from the comments are: broken youneedbettersecurity INTERNETS THROUGH THE AIR Have you seen any amusing SSIDs today?

What’s your SSID?

In: Fun|Mac

7 Sep 2007

After seeing this amusingly-named SSID, I thought it’d be fun to post the SSID of my wireless network at home: The name is completely not my idea so I claim no credit – I stole it from my girlfriend’s brother, who conceived the SSID of “AssAssID”. What’s your SSID and have you seen any amusing […]