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After 5 long years of using the same old blog theme, which I’d handcrafted from scratch way back in 2004, I’ve finally got down to refreshing it to a more contemporary look. I’ve also updated the woefully outdated About page. Here’s a before and after shot: I think it’s much better, definitely more modern and […]

Wow, it seems like I haven’t posted anything this year. Don’t worry, you aren’t rid of me yet. I’m still alive and posting updates to FriendFeed and (less often) to Twitter. If you belong to what I imagine must be now the microscopic population of loyal readers of my blog, please do hook up with […]

So what exactly is new in Safari 3 (other than the big OMGWTFBBQ over Safari for Windows)? TUAW has the best writeup (with screenshots of course) of the new features in Safari 3 I’ve seen so far. Check it out if you’re lazy to try it out – I did install the beta and took […]

After 2 failed experiments with Typo and Mephisto, I caved and went back to WordPress. As you can see (if you’re on the site itself instead of reading from a feed reader), it’s all green and so 2005-looking (the year 2005, that is) – gonna have to convert the templates from the old Mephisto setup […]

With the recent update of Google Reader, Google’s shot at an online feed reader, I just had to try it out even though I was rather contented with Bloglines. I’ve been a long-time Bloglines user (since end 2003 I think), and even though there was little in terms of innovation and useful new features happening, […]