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Some of you might know that I’m a rabid anime fan. I don’t talk much about it on this blog (actually, I don’t talk much on this blog anymore, seeing as I haven’t blogged this year). Anyway, yeah, one of my biggest passions and failings is my love for anime and I can’t stop myself […]

It’s about 9 days too late, but I figure it’d be fun to just throw these out and see if anyone else enjoyed the same things I did in 2007. PC Game of the Year This has definitely got to go to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The single-player campaign was short but visually […]

You wouldn’t think that Konata Izumi (a character from the anime, Lucky Star) and Ruby on Rails (a web MVC framework) would somehow be associated, but they are! I took the opportunity to fill in the missing ActiveRecord::Base#to_json documentation with examples using Konata Izumi and it got committed unchanged in revision 7905. Cute. I hope […]

RE: the recent anime and IP controversy in Singapore, everyone affected in Singapore should read this sensible post by Dark Mirage. He offers really good advice on what you should and shouldn’t do should you find yourself the recipient of one of Odex’s letters. Be sure to read the comments too. More reading: Odex on […]

Season 2 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya was announced in the August 2007 edition of NewType Japan – check out the scans. The announcement isn’t official, but there’ll be one on the 7th – that’s 7/7/2007!