Reveal currently open files in Mac OS X

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28 Jun 2008

Something I noticed completely by accident today when I clicked on the titlebar of QuickTime Player today with the Cmd key held down. The “titlebar” is this thing here – I’m not sure that’s the right name for it:

Anyway, if you hold down the Cmd key (aka the Apple key), a menu pops up that shows the folder hierarchy of where the currently opened QuickTime movie is in your filesystem:

This works in all Mac apps that display the filename of the currently open/focused file in the titlebar.

It’s useful for me since my NADD means I try to close as many unused windows as possible to adhere to my Cmd-Tab diet – now I can close Finder windows after opening files and be sure that I can get back to them quickly. What about QuickSilver? Yup, I do use (and love) QuickSilver but I don’t let it catalog every single file!

Another nice thing about this is that I can easily reveal files in Finder in my favorite text editor (TextMate) without needing to use the project drawer:

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June 28th, 2008 at 2pm

Great tip – I knew it but good to be reminded.

Another good one, although you probably know this one too, is to click and hold on the file’s icon – then you can drag it whereever, further obviating the need for Finder. I do this all the time to, say, drag a file from textmate to CSSEdit, or drag a static page to Firefox or something.


Andy Croll

June 28th, 2008 at 3pm

You use a Mac for years and then find a much quicker way that has presumably been there all along!


Guru Panguji

June 28th, 2008 at 11pm

Btw, you don’t have to hold down the “cmd” button. You can just right click the “titlebar” and get the same effect!!


mike wyatt

June 29th, 2008 at 1am

as other people have said, you can use CMD or CTRL to achieve the same effect

also, you can do the same to the safari titlebar to navigate a website’s hierarchy

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