Some notes on setting up a gateway server for deploying via Capistrano that I couldn't find at the source.

  • You can specify the user you want to use to login to your gateway server like so: set :gateway, '[email protected]'. This logs in to your gateway server as the "deploy" user.
  • You can specify an alternate SSH port for both your gateway and your deployment servers. E.g. setting ssh_options[:port] = 11111 will make Capistrano SSH to your gateway server with on port 11111. For your actual application (and web and database) servers, you can specify the SSH port like so:
    set :gateway, '[email protected]'
    role :app, ''
    role :web, ''
    role :db,  '', :primary => true
  • If you're using public key authentication, you should put the public keys of your users (those who be deploying your app) on the gateway server and on the actual servers. I thought Capistrano would use the key of the "deploy" user but nope.