Announcing – our travel meta-search engine in beta (Ruby included)

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1 May 2008

So we’ve been terribly busy at Bezurk these last 2 months or so working on our new re-branded site with a bunch of new features. We were lucky enough to secure a 4-letter domain name – (and it came at a price too!) so it was all worth it. Trust me, with a name like Bezurk you’re going to be terribly hard to remember and to brand. We’ve had partners and friends who spell Bezurk in a variety of ways: berserk, bezerk, buzerk. Don’t even ask us about our encounters with non-native English speakers. Don’t.

So yes, the new site: logo

We’ve decided to push it “live” as a beta product (and we know it is very much in beta, we’re not kidding or trying to be Web 2.0-ish) prior to our launch party next week. Give it a few hits or so and let me know of any feedback (leaving a comment here is good), especially what annoys you. You might even want to use it to search for airline tickets or to book hotel rooms for your next trip and let us know if we managed to somehow epic fail at the task. If you liked it or booked a trip somewhere, we’re glad to have helped you on your way.

I’d write more about but what I really wanted to focus on, being a Rubyist and all, is what is really cool to me about – we’ve rebuilt our Hotels product from the ground up (it was a mostly Java before, and it is still live on in 85% Ruby, 8% JavaScript, 5% Erlang, and 2% Java. Well, those are rough figures anyway. We also made a strong effort to keep our mostly AJAX application as usable as possible without JavaScript but I’ll admit, we had to cut some corners due to deadlines.

I’d love to be more specific about the design and architecture of our Hotels application and on the cool stuff (CouchDB, Rack, Solr, jQuery, libmemcached, and of course, Ruby) we’ve used that have made our lives as developers much easier than when we were in Javaland – but I’d leave that for a later post. I’m sure my friend Arun Thampi also has a war story to tell so we’ll come up with something entertaining. Stay tuned!

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May 1st, 2008 at 4pm

Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear your followup stories – especially about Couch, you could be the first major site to make production use of it.

BTW prefilling the visitor’s likely home airport is a nice touch : )


Tim Goh

May 1st, 2008 at 5pm

Congrats Chu Yeow!

This post does raise a lot of questions. Are your percentage numbers for different languages measured by features or lines of code? What was Erlang used for?

Waiting eagerly for your post on CouchDB in production use.



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Chu Yeow

May 2nd, 2008 at 10am

@sho Thanks! Yup I’ll surely talk about the CouchDB part of Hotels. It’s really Arun‘s bright idea and has been working really well for us.

@Tim Ah the percentages are figures off the top of my head and are just like statistics (i.e. lies). I lied when I said we were using Erlang – I just threw it into the mix since we use CouchDB ;).



May 3rd, 2008 at 12pm

Chu Yeow, Congrats for the launch! Lol..on the mis-spelled Bezurk name :)



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