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Day 1 of RailsConf 2008 was basically tutorial day (schedule) and started with my colleague here with me, Arun, missing out on Yoga on Rails and me sleeping until the first tutorial session. Anyway, I snapped some photos while trying to remain the unobtrusive tourist. Here’s a shot of Portland Convention Center where it’s all […]

No mind-blowing changes in Rails this week prior to RailsConf – as Gregg mentioned last week in the Rails Envy podcast, it’s pre-2.1 days (Rails 2.1 will probably be released at RailsConf) so it’s pretty easy to see why. Oh and all Rails tests now pass in Ruby 1.9 after a long-standing #module_eval bug got […]

Juan Lupión wrote in to inform me that he’s also translating my Living on the Edge (of Rails) series of blog posts to Español. Thanks Juan!

It’s another slow week (just 2 changes of note imho) after the release of the 1st Release Candidate (RC1) of Rails 2.1. Follow that link for installation instructions – though if you’re reading this blog post you probably don’t care! (because you’re, you know, “living on the edge”). Cheesiness aside, be sure to report any […]

Some notes on setting up a gateway server for deploying via Capistrano that I couldn’t find at the source. You can specify the user you want to use to login to your gateway server like so: set :gateway, ‘[email protected]’. This logs in to your gateway server as the “deploy” user. You can specify an alternate […]