Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar (in Singapore) – don’t bother

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26 Feb 2008

Subscribers who read my blog for Ruby- or Mozilla-related posts should ignore this post, it’s another of those blogging as catharsis posts. To my defence, I haven’t done one of those for a really long time!

If you’re staying in Singapore and looking to try out the food at Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar after it was featured in the local newspaper, my advice to you is, “don’t bother!” Why? In 2 words, horrible service.

Despite some positive reviews (yes, the decor is not too bad), my dining experience at Shokudo consisted mostly of getting the service crew’s attention (and failing spectacularly despite standing right at the counter) and being scowled at or avoided by most of the staff (which is not good, since being a bazaar-style restaurant, you needed to place your order at each stall manned by different members of the service crew).

My friends and I were speculating that either the staff got scolded that day (and reacted negatively to that), or they were just too stuck up because business was good. Either way, it was just terrible. When leaving, I even got rudely reminded that I’d left that one of those things they gave you to reserve a table. Did I mention the service was horrible? (Granted, there were 2 counters where the staff were attentive and actually quite friendly – this was at the macha drink stall and the katsu curry counter.)

What about the food? With such bad service I would say no one shouldn’t really care about the quality of the food – thankfully enough, the food is of a consistently mediocre level to even bother!

Has anyone had a similar experience at Shokudo, or was it just our unlucky day?

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February 26th, 2008 at 1am

Food is far from restaurant standard but is decent for a bazaar type outlet. Staff shows a lack of concern for customers but is probably due more to a lack of training than mean spirited.

Overall speed of food servings are very slow with normal crowd, could be a lot worse during peak hours.

At the thin pizza counter, I was asked to come back in 3 minutes after my order (when I was obviously the first to order that early morning). The pizza however wasn’t ready even after four or five times after I returned to the counter. It was (finally) reluctantly served to me after 15 minutes, ONLY after I insisted on waiting at the counter for another 5 minutes or so. Watching the guy preparing the pizza afresh, putting into the oven and then waiting for it to be ready. I wondered what happened to the pizza I first ordered? :-).

15 minutes wait for a promised 3 minutes? they have a lot to learn from the now defunct Movenpick Marche!




March 7th, 2008 at 5pm

Was there today. It wasn’t bad. Friends tell me to avoid it at weekends. Way too crowded. Food was good. Staff were attentive enough. Best time to go must be 3pm on a weekday when there are few customers and the tables have been cleared and cleaned after the lunchtime rush.



March 11th, 2008 at 8pm

Bad bosses are possibily the main contributing reason for the lously services encountered



March 14th, 2008 at 12pm

Hi, I came across your blog on Google when I typed “Shokudo”, the offending food bazaar. I’ve read your post and I totally agree with you.

I went there yesterday with my mom and both of us were highly unimpressed. The food we ordered were EXTREMELY salty, like they’d just decided to feed us straight from the salt barrel.

The service was horrifying too. The man my mom ordered her food from steadily ignored her for at least 5 minutes before she exclaimed her presence at him. The man whom I ordered the unagi hotplate from was atrocious too; he looked at me like I had the plague or something, and was visibly irritated all the while. Don’t even mention smiling faces!

The dessert was just as mortifying; our crepe was too sweet and the portion of ice cream was not generous at all. None of the staff bothered to say thank you or make any effort to smile. The only kind staff there was the man who cleared the plates.

I really agree with your post there. And I didn’t even visit the restaurant during lunch hours or anything- there was so little people there!



April 9th, 2008 at 11pm

I totally agree with you. Dont bother and DONT EVER come back! This place is terrible for the price and the food and last but not least, the Service. Some of the food like the tempura section is of such low quality, it is so shocking. The tempura presentation is terrible and looks like some mud on a mountain of rice. In fact, some of the dishes looks so unappetising and terrible that you do not have to eat it to know the low quality. They got no sense of aesthetics and in Japanese cuisine, presentation is as important as the taste. They go neither. DONT BOTHER!