It's about 9 days too late, but I figure it'd be fun to just throw these out and see if anyone else enjoyed the same things I did in 2007.

PC Game of the Year

This has definitely got to go to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The single-player campaign was short but visually impressive and amazingly realistic. It was like watching a movie in most parts. And really, sneaking by Spetsnaz just a few metres away in sniper ghillie suits and was totally pimp. Multiplayer is real good fun too, I'm still playing it now (usually on servers as 'konata').

Special mention: World of Warcraft (yes, I quit it ages ago, but it's still good for the early part of 2007 when I was still playing casually).

PSP Game of the Year

Yes, I got a PSP just this year. And yes, Jeanne d'Arc is the best game I've played and completed in a while. For those who don't know, Jeanne d'Arc is a very accessible Strategy RPG (SRPG) that is very loosely based on Joan of Arc. It's much easier to play than Final Fantasy: Tactics or Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and doesn't leave you constantly wondering about missing out on secrets. Highly recommended if you're looking for an RPG-like game on the PSP.

I haven't had the chance to play many other PSP games, but look forward to getting deeper into Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (and highly anticipating Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core in March 2008).

Anime of the Year

2007 is the year I switched my anime tastes from mostly shonen anime (like Naruto and Bleach) to the seinen genre.

My favorite anime for 2007 (this is a tough one) has to go to Lucky Star. I even went through a prolonged Konata-ism phase and even had a printout of Konata saying "Relax" pasted right above where I sit in the office.

Konata says 'Relax'

It's therapeutic :)

2007 was a good anime year. Tekkon Kinkreet had an edgy, surreal drawing style but had a fantastic plot. I highly recommend it if you've missed it - it's about 10 times better than your run-of-the-mill Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away type anime movies, in my humble opinion.

Potemayo's moeblobs were just too funny to watch. Gochuko (below) had me LOL when she went around using tape to fix everything she sliced with her big scythe. At first appearances Potemayo may look like a kid's anime but it's really a work of comic genius for adults.

Gochuko from Potemayo

Genshiken 2 picks up where the 1st season left off and while the ending left quite a bit to be desired, on the whole it was enjoyable watching otakus cope with life (who knew it was so tough to get a job in Japan).

What about you?

What did you enjoy in the last year and more importantly, do you have any recommendations for an ani-otaku like me?