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Another week of edge Rails changes, featured on the Rails Envy podcast. This weeks’ report covers changes from 21 Jan 2008 to 27 Jan 2008 (the day the Rails Envy podcast was recorded). Eager loading :includes does pre-loading The current gem Rails behavior when loading associations with something like Author.find(:all, :include => [:posts, :comments]) is […]

Prototype’s Try.these is a really useful bit of code (though I doubt it sees much application outside of JavaScript libraries). I have this evil bit of code somewhere, for example: var results = Try.these( function() { return response.responseText.evalJSON(true); }, function() { return eval(‘(‘ + response.responseText + ‘)’); } ); Evilness personified in its evaled glory, […]

Songza‘s quite nice, especially after us non-US users lost access to Pandora. Now I can finally listen to some boy band music when I feel like it (because I don’t have any in my library).

Funniest bug report I’ve seen on the Rails issue tracker: Be sure to read the comments, and the resolution: I appreciate that penis enhancements are the norm for most of the commenters here, but their use is definitely not widespread enough to justify fixing this.

It’s time again for your weekly dose of what’s new in edge Rails. This weeks’ report covers changes from 14 Jan 2008 to 20 Jan 2008 (the day the Rails Envy podcast was recorded). Route recognition is faster Rails’ route recognition has been optimized and is significantly faster especially for applications using many resources (i.e. […]