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Prior to the introduction of nested example groups in RSpec, I’d always felt that descriptions got a little unwieldy when trying to describe the different cases and disliked specifying the controller_name repeatedly. For example (and these are real examples from real projects at work, with actual code removed for conciseness): describe ‘POST HotelDealsController#create with a […]

That’s right, Don’t Repeat Yourself in your functional and ActionMailer tests. If you’re a Test::Unit user, this will probably look familiar to you when writing Rails functional tests (for your controllers): class PostsControllerTest < Test::Unit::TestCase def setup @controller = @request = @response = end def test_should_not_explode # Invariably sexy test code. end […]

Just in the nick of time for the Christmas target, the Ruby core team has released Ruby 1.9.0 – Matz announced the release on the ruby-talk mailing list not too long ago. Rubygem and Ruby library developers, now’s the time to get down to making your Ruby code compatible with 1.9.0. Rails is not too […]

You may not have noticed this yet, but Rails 2.0 has a new convenient syntax for generating ActiveRecord migrations. Go ahead, run the migration generator with script/generate migration. I’ll wait. Yup, you can now specify the columns you want to add in your migration by passing attribute/type pairs to the migration generator. Ergo, script/generate migration […]

In case anyone is wondering about the pause in Rails 2.0 – a feature a day posts, yes, I know, I’ve not been writing any posts for a week or so. I’ll be posting more actively again from tomorrow – just taking a short break due to general lethargy these few days. And submitting patches […]