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Jeanne d’Arc is a great little SRPG I’m enjoying right now – I don’t even want to start Final Fantasy Tactics until after I’ve completed Jeanne d’Arc. I have a Nintendo DS Lite as well and I have to say that I’m more of a PSP gamer where portable consoles are concerned. There just weren’t […]

The Firefox 3 developers have been working on a visual refresh that integrates more tightly into the OS, and the Mac OS X version is looking pretty sweet. Well, public opinion varies greatly – from people who feel that it’s a rip off of Safari to those who really like the Brushed Metal look (myself […]

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out! Check out the pretty sweet list of changes. If you want to try it, you’ll probably want to run Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 at the same time. Only this time you should remember to rename Firefox 3 so that it doesn’t override your install of Firefox 2. I’d […]

The mootools developers look like they are having fun defining their project roadmap: MooTools Plugin to uninstall Internet Explorer from any machine within network range