One of my favorite foodie moments from my trip to Tokyo was at Harajuku where I had a crepe with cheese cake and ice cream from Angel's Heart (need to dig that photo out). It was THE best crepe I've ever had. I'd even thrown around the idea of bringing it back to Singapore as a commercial venture.

Well anyway, I found that one of the crepe shops in Harajuku, Marion Cafe, that was just opposite Angel's Heart, has opened a branch right here in Singapore at the IMM Building.

Crepe from Marion Cafe in IMM Building

I tried their mango crepe (it had mango and ice cream in it) which set us back about SGD 5.80.

Mango crepe from Marion Cafe in IMM Building

It was alright, not as good as the one I had in Harajuku of course, but still a nice treat. They have 105 different types of crepe - anything ranging for your run-of-the-mill strawberry and ice cream crepe, to tuna crepe, and even crepe with Japanese curry.