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Jeremy Kemper (aka bitsweat) committed a very useful tool into the Rails trunk not too long ago: a request profiler! It’s a human-friendly wrapper script around the ruby-prof library, a nice ruby code profiler, that lets you run multiple requests against a URI in your application and get a detailed code profile report in text […]

You wouldn’t think that Konata Izumi (a character from the anime, Lucky Star) and Ruby on Rails (a web MVC framework) would somehow be associated, but they are! I took the opportunity to fill in the missing ActiveRecord::Base#to_json documentation with examples using Konata Izumi and it got committed unchanged in revision 7905. Cute. I hope […]

One of my favorite foodie moments from my trip to Tokyo was at Harajuku where I had a crepe with cheese cake and ice cream from Angel’s Heart (need to dig that photo out). It was THE best crepe I’ve ever had. I’d even thrown around the idea of bringing it back to Singapore as […]

The last time I wrote about ActiveRecord#to_json on edge Rails, it was missing some key functionality. For one, you couldn’t include any associations. Another thing was you couldn’t do something like this in your controller: @authors = Author.find(:all) render :json => @authors.to_json(:only => :name) Oh and did I mention it wasn’t emitting valid JSON by […]

Got an email not too long ago from Working With Rails (my profile) entitled “WWR September Hackfest Winner – Congrats!”, and almost deleted it thinking it was spam. I read it in the end (after all, how often do you see spam with “Rails” in the subject title), and turns out that my recent patches […]