What’s new in Firefox 3: Pasting text into search bar to be 100% less annoying

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27 Sep 2007

Now if you’re a regular user of Firefox, you’ve probably already had the opportunity to be dismayed by how you cannot copy and paste text with newlines into the search bar. All you end up with is the first line of text. I just end up typing in the search terms myself or copy and paste line by line.

Try it for yourself with the text here:

First line.
Second line.

Well, all that is gonna go away in Firefox 3, which replaces newlines with spaces. Small change perhaps, but definitely needed in this fanboy’s opinion.

Oh and it works for the Address bar too, only the newlines get removed instead of getting replaced with spaces. Could be useful for multi-line URLs which appear quite often in emails!

3 Responses to What’s new in Firefox 3: Pasting text into search bar to be 100% less annoying



September 27th, 2007 at 8pm

It’s one of those changes you’ll never notice but will *really* appreciate. Thx for the note…



October 8th, 2007 at 7pm

Firefox 3 could also do with a way of viewing really long alt text…

“An icon representing the person who posted the following comment. It also serves as…”



January 19th, 2008 at 4pm

Real old post, so not sure if the comments get through..

Nice to hear this getting fixed, but I rarely notice this. Most of the time I do a search on something spanning more then one line, is when I want to look something up that’s in the page I’m reading at that moment. All I do is select the words/lines and rightclick on the selection. Then you get the nice feature “Search Google for “First Line Second Line”. Or whatever the default search engine is in your Firefox.