This is not exactly a new change to Firefox 3's nightly builds since the bugs have been setting in my browser tab bar for about a week but I figured I'd write about them anyway since it's quite a nice improvement.

What's new? Download Resume - now you can pause and resume your downloads in the Firefox Download Manager. Implemented by a Summer of Code student, this brings Firefox's Download Manager up to speed with Safari (which has a really nice download resume feature that leaves .download files that you can just double-click to resume the download).

Firefox 3 download resume

You'll notice the insane speeds (986GB/s) I'm getting too in that last screenshot. Nope it's not a feature, it's a bug. And a known one that's probably fixed if you have a recent nightly.

For Firefox 1.5 or 2 users, don't despair, extensions like DownThemAll! allow you to resume downloads. If you use an external download manager, you'd probably be more interested in FlashGot.