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Firefox 3, or Gran Paradiso, is really shaping up with some pretty cool new features being implemented in the recent months. That’s not including the cool FUEL (Firefox User Extension Library) JavaScript library that promises to make extension development a bajillion times more productive, Places for data storage, and the use of Cairo for graphics. […]

RE: the recent anime and IP controversy in Singapore, everyone affected in Singapore should read this sensible post by Dark Mirage. He offers really good advice on what you should and shouldn’t do should you find yourself the recipient of one of Odex’s letters. Be sure to read the comments too. More reading: Odex on […]

About a month ago, I logged in to Google Reader to see a shocking thing – all my subscriptions were gone and I was subscribed to some feeds that I’ve never heard of. I would say I’m a pretty heavy Google Reader user, checking my several hundred subscriptions several times a day, so it was […]

I just noticed a very fresh changeset committed into the Rails trunk that’s pretty damn cool: changeset 7315. Michael Koziarski (aka nzkoz”) has refactored ActiveRecord’s attribute-related methods that, among other things: caches typecasted attribute values in hashes. This avoids expensive typecasting (such as for Time-related attributes) which means access to these fields is significantly faster! […]

Seen at I thought it was funny (I was a hardcore World of Warcraft player). All the features are so true too. Fully PvP rawr! The penalty of death sucks though – if you thought the experience point penalty in EverQuest was bad, think again. This post got Dugg! I had quite a few […]