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I’ve always thought the Rails installation instructions on the official Rails website were pretty straightforward, so I couldn’t help laughing when I saw this chat transcript a friend copied and pasted for me: [5:23:05 PM] X says: try so many times finally can le [5:23:23 PM] X says: it is not about the version or […]

Just a quick note of something I found out while reading Transcending CSS: all the themes (message styles, contact list styles, etc.) in Adium are crafted with our old friends XHTML, CSS and JS. I opened up a few AdiumXtras to see for myself and true enough, <div>s and CSS rules make up the style. […]

Business 2.0 recently published an article on the world’s hottest startups outside the US and Bezurk was picked. Nice to know that ;)

YSlow is a Firefox extension that works with Firebug to grade your web pages’ performance and gives you advice on how to fix any problems. Awesome. It has JSLint built into it too. And yes I got a big freaking F. Via Arun (IRL).

Tom Preston-Werner (of Gravatar and Chronic fame) wrote about this neat MySQL command line “trick” where instead of ending your SELECT statements with the usual semi-colon, using a “\G” gives you a very readable output. mysql> select * from locations where location_code = ‘SIN’ limit 1\G *************************** 1. row *************************** location_code: SIN location_name: Singapore Changi […]