Prototype 1.5.1 is baaaaad for Safari 1 and 2 users

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21 Jun 2007

Read the bug fix announcement. Upgrade! This was causing extremely puzzling crashes in Safari on Macs (pre-Safari 3 beta) on one of our applications and I’m glad (in some ways) that the problem lay with the Prototype library.

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June 27th, 2007 at 10am

What really yanked my chain was when we discovered it, I immediately thought.. Safari 1 and 2 eh? Who wouldn’t upgrade to 3? — Answer – errr.. all the poor chaps who are stuck with the older versions because you have to update your entire OS (and likely machine) to get the new one! Bad, bad Apple. I like you guys, but that’s dirty pool. Maybe I’m wrong here, someone correct me please.



July 15th, 2007 at 9am

I couldn’t agree more…sucks that I’d have to upgrade my OS just to use Safari – Not to mention, it’s hard as hell to find an older Safari to download and they seem to have the crashing problem anyway – so I’m not at all happy about that…