So there's this big Leopard thing that's the talk of Mac town (well, that and Safari) with all the new features being revealed (officially, at least, to the general public) at WWDC 2007.

Screenshot of Apple Leopard homepage

Some of the features are pretty cool, most of them are mundane. For me, I am really looking forward to:

  • the new Finder - Finder sucks so bad as a file system interface. I use Path Finder, which incidentally had an upgrade recently to 4.7. The new Finder looks pretty (Cover Flow for files, sexy!) but what I'm really hoping for is a Finder with which you can actually be productive.
  • Ruby and Rails baked right into Mac OS X - while installing Rails and upgrading Ruby is a breeze on Mac OS X as it is right now, having these installed by default is pretty sweet. Even Capistrano will be included. Now, how one upgrades Ruby is another thing though...
  • Time Machine - Even though I already own a licensed copy of SuperDuper!, I'm still eager to use Time Machine. I mean, who isn't hooked on the time travel metaphor yet? It's like System Restore done right (with the advantage of hindsight, of course).

What are you looking forward in Leopard?