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I had to spend some time setting up Xen on one of the new Dell servers we bought and while there was some documentation around, I had to constantly refer to the different sources since there wasn’t a complete page which had everything I needed for my particular situation – I have a host machine […]

Read the bug fix announcement. Upgrade! This was causing extremely puzzling crashes in Safari on Macs (pre-Safari 3 beta) on one of our applications and I’m glad (in some ways) that the problem lay with the Prototype library.

The company I work for was featured on a short “Surf Time” segment on Channel NewsAsia‘s TV channel. Catch the Bezurk Surf Time video on YouTube.

Update: Edge Rails (and the forthcoming Rails 2.0) will emit only valid JSON. Read JSON serialization of ActiveRecord objects reaches maturity for more details. If you’ve worked with JSON long enough in Rails, you’d probably have noticed that the JSON the convenient Object#to_json method spits out is not strictly JSON-compliant (according to the RFC 4627, […]

Now that’s how you get a Dungeons and Dragons fan to read your spam: Laurana’s in Qualinesti now, attending the funeral of her father and also trying to arrange an agreement with that stiff-necked brother of hers, Porthios, and the Knights of Solamnia.