I've never much blogged about anime before so it's probably a little known fact around here that I'm a huge anime fan. One of the anime series I'm watching now is Lucky Star, an anime adaptation of a 4-panel comic strip by from Kyoto Animation. This being the same studio that produced the excellent The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I knew I had to watch it.

Despite first reading about the numerous negative comments on blogs about the first few episodes of Lucky Star, when I watched it I actually found it pretty funny (there are some good reviews, though rare, such as this one). Four moe school girls, one of them an otaku? KyoAni's really pandering to the "niche" crowd here ("niche" meaning just about every single anime gamer).

It was not until later (about 3 episodes in) that I realized the main character, Konata Izumi, was voiced by Hirano Aya (who played Haruhi in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Once afflicted by Ayaism, this fact enhanced the appeal of Konata.

Although, by the time I watched episode 5, I was hooked on Konata-ism. I'll let the screen captures speak for themselves:

I am a tank

So she plays an MMORPG and plays a tank? Back when I was a World of Warcraft junkie, I had a level 60 warrior (yeah, pre-Burning Crusade n00b, I am) and had too much fun with it (to use a cliche, it's like crack).

Teacher only AOEs

Hahaha... Fair enough. I had a mage in World of Warcraft before switching to a warrior and sometimes I do think that way about my ex-fellow mages ;) Though I've had the honor of playing with some of the best mages in my old guild.

I'll pull one

"I'll pull one." "lolololo." Classic.

Teacher logged on

Konata's teacher (who plays with her often) logs on.

Rare drop!

Konata gets a rare drop. Woo... Good times.

LOL gratz


"LOL gratz", "roflcopterskates" and "bbq" - I'm not sure if the fansubbers took some liberty here with the translation of the MMORPG-speak.

Ahh, and did I mention Konata watches a lot of anime as well? Konata is the new Haruhi.

Now go watch some anime!

Screencaps taken from a.f.k.'s excellent fansubs.