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Just in case anyone runs into this problem (which, I might add, would probably go away when either the portfile is updated or the source mirror fixes the problem) while installing ImageMagick via MacPorts… While trying to install Rmagick on my spanking, new, glossy, kakkoii MacBook, MacPorts reported a checksum error with the ImageMagick source […]

The Rails Envy guys have come up with a spoof of the Mac versus PC commercials. Yes, it’s Rails vs Java. Go watch it or catch it straight on YouTube.

Lucky Star: Konata-ism

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11 May 2007

I’ve never much blogged about anime before so it’s probably a little known fact around here that I’m a huge anime fan. One of the anime series I’m watching now is Lucky Star, an anime adaptation of a 4-panel comic strip by from Kyoto Animation. This being the same studio that produced the excellent The […]

So it seems DHH was inspired by the Sexy Migrations plugin (which in turn was inspired by Hobo) and committed changeset 6667. Now, you can do this: create_table :products do |t| t.integer :shop_id, :creator_id t.string :name, :value, :default => “Untitled” t.timestamps end Succinct!

Some of the latest Firefox 3 aka Minefield trunk builds include Growl integration! This is probably a non-event for anyone other than Mac users, but hey Growl notifications without needing to install an extension? Pretty nice. Get a nightly here: To test Firefox 3 nightlies without possibly messing up your existing profile (preferences, extensions, […]