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Today being RSS feed backlog-clearing day, I came across Jon Hicks’ Google Reader Theme, installed the Stylish extension for Firefox, added his user style for Google Reader to Stylish, and have been wow-ed ever since. Here’s a rough idea how it looks (click the thumbnail for a bigger picture): If you’re a Google Reader user […]

I never really fancied download accelerators but Axel is different – it’s a command line application and is naturally significantly more lightweight then those graphical download managers I’ve stopped using since 1996 (teh intraweb was slower then, and I was sucking bits of it through a state of the art 33.6kbps dial-up modem). I’ve been […]

I haven’t been following Thunderbird development like I used to so I was presently surprised to see how far Thunderbird has come when I tried a beta of Thunderbird 2 a while back (of course, Thunderbird 2 has been released for over a week, but I’m still clearing a backlog of blog drafts). One of […]

If you’re on edge Rails and are having problems starting script/console, it may be caused by spaces in your Rails working directory (see ticket 7955: Console environment load broken when RAILS_ROOT contains spaces). Basically the lack of quoting on RAILS_ROOT causes console.rb to pass incorrect paths to IRB (it gets split on the spaces in […]

I’ve been using Autotest (part of the ZenTest package) while testing my Rails applications and never thought of asking for more. After all, getting my tests (well, specs actually) run automatically whenever I make a relevant change and having diff-level granularity on which tests Autotest re-runs is pretty damn useful enough. That is, until I […]