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Note: if you haven’t already, you may want to read part 1 of this article first. Phew, and that was all the work you needed to do to migrate your Subversion repository to another server. We’ve barely touched that other server that we wanted to use for mirroring the repository! “Bootstrapping” your mirror SVN server […]

After overriding rescue_action_in_public in the ApplicationController to deal with ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exceptions (a very common exception to rescue in the canonical ‘show’ actions of your controllers), I decided to test it. I’ve been getting used to BDD with RSpec (and the Spec::Rails plugin), so I stumbled a bit when writing the spec. I finally settled on […]

This is a 2-part journal on setting up migrating and upgrading a Subversion repository, and then using svnsync to mirror the newly created repository. (Part 2) Initial setup Ever since Subversion 1.4 was released, I’d been eying the new svnsync tool because we had a single repository that was not, erm, really backed up (we […]

I’ve been writing a database importer plugin for a Rails application that needs to data on some “legacy” production databases (well, not really legacy, but the schema differs from ActiveRecord conventions) with the intention of scheduling a cron job to run the imports. Why not connect the Rails app to the legacy databases? Hmm, let’s […]

Ugh, I wish I found this earlier: Tab Completion in IRb. I only went googling for this after I realized I have been tabbing to get auto-completion on script/console for a bit but it never sunk in that tab-completion wasn’t ever working. Useful stuff, go set it up if you haven’t already.