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After a longer than desired struggle with getting sshd to accept my public key, I think a blog post is in order to remind myself not to repeat the same mistakes. Here’s how you should go about debugging your SSH public key authentication woes: Getting more debug info when connecting with your ssh client: Add […]

Yup I switched to Apple Mail from Thunderbird a few months back, primary reason being back then I was barely able to run my developer applications on 512MB of RAM (Apple Mail runs lighter than Thunderbird, unfortunately). It’s comforting to find that there is an IMAP-IDLE plugin for Apple Mail (Thunderbird got its IDLE support […]

It was a few weeks later than planned, but finally (actually, about 3 days ago), we‘re up on the Travel section. No thanks to a CSS bug in IE6, we were delayed by a week. The last thing we expected was a CSS bug hanging IE6 with all the JavaScript we were pushing out, […]

Not too long ago I was asked to use hook up the Mac Mini that was collecting dust in our office to our HP Deskjet printer (HP Deskjet 1280 to be exact) and have it function as a “print server” of sorts (we have since replaced it with a NAS with print server functionality, which […]

sudo chown -R dick / instead of sudo chown -R dick ./ You won’t be able to su – or sudo to chown the ownerships back properly because the sudo executable needs to be owned by root. Some people should never have unfettered sudo rights… like me.