One of the reasons I've been rather quiet on this blog ever since my return from the trip to Tokyo is this nice medium-sized abscess I brought back with me. It appeared about 3 days into the trip, and I must have really bad luck because it was located on my posterior - moving around on foot and sitting down were particularly trying events. Considering that we got around most of Tokyo either on foot or by train, it made most experiences less pleasing than they would probably have been.

Nevertheless, it was a great trip - had some great food, saw some breath-taking sights, bought some (or rather, not enough) anime swag. Someday soon (if not soon then probably never) I will blog about it (with pictures, of course).

And I saw a bus advertising a The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya DVD release:

Haruhi bus in Tokyo

Anyway, I'm glad I can say that the abscess burst yesterday, relieving me of the pain that had to be suppressed with painkillers. While the copious amounts of blood and pus that came out of the burst abscess wasn't pleasant to deal with (it's still bleeding and excreting pus right now), the relief from the pain is immeasurable. Plus, I didn't really like the idea of the surgery that would be necessary if it hadn't burst - a friend who had an abscess on his face described the procedure and while it seemed painless enough, sticking a needle up that mass of pain just didn't seem like an ideal way to deal with it.

Abscesses suck.