VLC media player 0.8.6 (changelog) was released a few weeks ago so this may be old news, but I am clearing my backlog of drafts.

Mac OS X users, if you watch videos in full screen mode (like I do most of the time), you'd be delighted to know that they added a full screen controller à la the video player in iTunes:

VLC full screen controller panel

That was one of my pet peeves with VLC when I was still using Windows as my main desktop OS, and I'd stayed true to Media Player Classic right to the point where I switched to OS X. Media Player Classic is Windows-only, so I had to switch to VLC as well (QuickTime player never impressed me and I wasn't willing to pay for the Pro version). The lack of a full controller in full screen mode and the inability to move to specific spots in the video timeline with sufficient granularity seems to have been fixed with this new full screen controller panel.

And while they still haven't made it possible to pause a video by clicking on the video output (which was the case in Media Player Classic), I've mostly compensated for it by hitting the space bar. Now that they've added a right-click context menu to the video output screen, the same can be done but in 2 clicks with just the mouse - not optimal but it does feel better to see a context menu pop up when right-clicking. I guess that's the Windows user in me talking - I still feel that almost everything I see should have a context menu or it just feels wrong.

Oh and they added support for the Apple Remote Control. Works great, I just have to remember to take out my remote control and use it next time I'm sitting back watching a movie or anime.