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VLC media player 0.8.6 (changelog) was released a few weeks ago so this may be old news, but I am clearing my backlog of drafts. Mac OS X users, if you watch videos in full screen mode (like I do most of the time), you’d be delighted to know that they added a full screen […]

Saw this on a Christmas brochure while buying some pastry from the local Delifrance cafe: I immediately thought of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo (of South Park fame). While the resemblance is not uncanny, I’m pretty sure that’s one log cake I don’t want to eat. has an entry with a photo of glue sniffing girls on a MRT train. This picture is tits (as Eric Cartman would say).

Just noticed an insidious “bug” in MySQL when you use “AND”s instead of commas to separate the fields you are updating in your SET clause. Being a little rusty in SQL, I entered something like the query below while trying to make a quick fix to some records: UPDATE characters SET alignment = ‘Neutral Evil’ […]

A GoogleAlert (not the Google Alert) email arrived in my inbox today alerting me to the Firefox Secrets entry on Google Book Search (that’s a book I wrote, for the uninitiated). It’s listed as a limited preview so only the first few pages of each chapter are available. If you’re interested in previewing a Firefox […]