Muting the Mac startup sound

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1 Nov 2006

One of the mildly annoying things of owning a Mac laptop is how it can draw unwanted attention with its startup chime when it boots up. There was once it went off rather loudly while I was on the train and I’d imagine I must have looked rather sheepishly embarrassed. From then on I kept trying to remember to lower or mute my Mac before shutting down, but it still slips my mind most of the time. To be honest, I think that even the Windows startup chime sounds better than the one on my MacBook Pro.

So I was rather pleased when I saw someone had created a simple application (preference pane, rather) called StartupSound.prefPane that allows you to control the startup volume or mute it completely.

StartupSound.prefPane screenshot

Intel Mac owners take note: I grabbed version 1.1b1 of StartupSound.prefPane off the MacUpdate page for StartupSound.prefPane though, as I noticed it said “StartupSound.prefPane now works on an Intel-based Mac” for that version. Wouldn’t want to try the stable release version (1.0.4) since it’s for PowerPC-based Macs.

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Harish Mallipeddi

November 24th, 2006 at 4pm

Not having a volume control button (hardware) can be quite annoying. I realized it after switching from the Thinkpad to Dell. If I had forgotten to mute it before shutting it down, then I just switch it on and pretend I’m deaf in the library because there is nothing much I can do at that point. If I have a pair of headphones, they come in handy in such situations :)

Anyways aren’t SMRT trains too crowded to use a 17″ MacBook Pro?


Chu Yeow

November 25th, 2006 at 12am

Yeah I hated that too when I was in NUS (I was using a Dell).

Oh, and the MacBook Pro 17″ is just fine for using on your lap if you’re seated on the train, even though it’s widescreen and all it doesn’t get in anyone else’s way.



November 12th, 2007 at 11am

Don’t waste your time and energy. This application does not work with Leopard in a MacBook Pro 17″. It worked great for me under Tiger, not anymore.




November 12th, 2007 at 12pm

OK ! It works perfectly . This is a correction of my above port. Something that has not been explained is if you have installed this application before, it is not enough to trash it, you have to uninstall first with the unistall software that comes with it. Only and only after that is possible to do a clean install and it wiil work in a MacBook Pro and Leopard.