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Something true: The Single Most Important Rule for Retaining Software Developers.

I saw a familiar furry animal on one of the ads near the entrance of City Hall MRT and did a double take when I realized it was actually a firefox! I had no real choice but to snap a grainy photo and post it here. Well, the ad actually labelled it as a “Red […]

I don’t normally post short entries on non-technical topics nor link to LiveJournals (just kidding!), but I’ll have to make an exception for this one. Check out these Smooth-E Babyface ads, probably one of the most creative commercials you’d have seen in awhile. Oh and while I’m “off-topic”, Bleach fans who want to find out […]

Update: seems like several people are coming into this thread after searching for “MacHeist combination” – this post is for last year’s MacHeist. For spoilers and solutions, I suggest you go to the MacHeist Backroom forum. If you are a Mac user you’d probably have heard of the much-hyped MacHeist. (I bet non-Mac users were […]

OMG, 66 gig error log…

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9 Nov 2006

So yeah today we realized one of our development servers had 0% free space left… after checking it out with du -h –max-depth=1 in a few places in the filesystem, it turned out that we had a 66 gigabye Apache httpd error log. That’s what you get for setting the log level to debug and […]