After 2 failed experiments with Typo and Mephisto, I caved and went back to WordPress. As you can see (if you're on the site itself instead of reading from a feed reader), it's all green and so 2005-looking (the year 2005, that is) - gonna have to convert the templates from the old Mephisto setup to WordPress.

Screenshot of the Plink theme in action on my old Mephisto blog

What exactly went wrong with Typo and Mephisto? Well, Typo was beating the crap out of my VPS, among other reasons. Mephisto was fine until the Mongrel processes running it started dying after a few hours - the 192MB or RAM that I have on the VPS was 100% used and the Rimuhosting guys have wrote me more than once suggesting a memory upgrade as I was causing way too much disk swappage on the host machine. I put the high memory usage down to comment spammers, but hell I wonder how everyone else manages to keep their Mephisto or Typo blogs up assuming not everyone has the luxury of an excess of 192MB of RAM to play with. If you're running a Typo, Mephisto, or any other Rails-based blogging application under low memory conditions successfully, I want to know!

Another reason I had for abandoning Mephisto was the difficulties I had with its templating system. I could generally live with the lack of an easy way to display stuff like monthly archives unless I was following the trunk, but it was the lack of pagination (such as paged monthly archives) that really annoyed me. Rick Olson has stated that pagination probably won't go into the Mephisto core and I disagree on its lack of usefulness (but this is another matter). I lacked the perserverance to finish up a pagination plugin when I realized that I had to work off the trunk which was already very much changed from the point release I was using.

Rails is such a wonderful framework, but throwing (another) templating layer into the mix (Mephisto uses Liquid) is a mixed blessing. The whole exercise felt very much like jumping through hoops when there's already a clear path to goal - nevertheless, I'll have to give the benefit of the doubt to the lack of documentation and the fast-moving development on Mephisto trunk. I'm probably geting too old for living on the edge where blogging software is concerned.

Anyway, I'm glad to come back to WordPress and less downtime, I hope.