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Even though Firefox 2 is slated to be released later today, the release builds have already made it into the Mozilla Firefox release directory. The impatient (like me) can go get it right now. Oh, and a must have extension for those who want to enjoy the 2.0 release: Nightly Test Tools. Despite it’s geeky […]

After 2 failed experiments with Typo and Mephisto, I caved and went back to WordPress. As you can see (if you’re on the site itself instead of reading from a feed reader), it’s all green and so 2005-looking (the year 2005, that is) – gonna have to convert the templates from the old Mephisto setup […]

With the recent update of Google Reader, Google’s shot at an online feed reader, I just had to try it out even though I was rather contented with Bloglines. I’ve been a long-time Bloglines user (since end 2003 I think), and even though there was little in terms of innovation and useful new features happening, […]