No I didn't "die" again... Here's what's been happening lately:

  • I got a MacBook Pro. I've been rather blown away by the whole Mac OS X experience. Yes, I do have some gripes, but it's one hell of a nice OS. I hope to write up on my whole "Switch" experience sometime soon.
  • I threw up a quick redesign of the blog... As you can tell (unless you're reading the RSS feed) it's been "in progress" for over a week - this coincides with the purchase of my MacBook Pro (*wink*). In any case, I wanted to get Windows running on the MacBook so I could test the site in Internet Explorer - to that end, I've setup Parallels (see Lifehacker article on Parallels) but it's way too slow on 512MB of RAM. Hopefully the 2GB RAM upgrade that's been out of stock happens soon.
  • I've also been working on a Rails project with Jon Tirsen and Michael Lee (who happen to work at ThoughtWorks). Jon has been busy lately (doing some really exciting stuff!), so I've only had the pleasure of working closely with Mike.