So with the usual fickle-mindedness, I've changed my blog software from Typo to Mephisto. Well, it wasn't so much based on a whim - there were some reasons I wanted to stop using Typo:

  • For some reason, Typo is very unstable for me on my VPS with 160MB RAM. I deploy Typo on a mongrel_cluster of 2 mongrels, fronting it with Apache 2.2 + mod_proxy_balancer, and all 160MB RAM and 192MB of swap is used up whenever I post an article or sweep the cache. Comments also take noticeably longer to post on my blog than on other Typo blogs. I'm not sure what exactly I've done wrong.
  • I often get an obscure NilClass error that screws up the front page whenever pages are regenerated (often caused by someone posting a comment or an article).
  • Changing the blog's design requires one to create or edit an existing Typo theme - I kinda missed WordPress's Web-based template editing. This was a significant roadblock to me ever changing the look and feel of my Typo blog.

Coincidentally, my urge to swap to Mephisto coincided with the release of mephisto 0.6 (Immortus) just today, and after some minor hiccups, I managed to get Mephisto up and running with my articles imported from Typo. (Still couldn't get Capistrano to play well though, which I'm guessing is due to Rails version conflicts - I guess I'll just have to do with the release version.)

Documentation is rather sparse at the moment, especially on how to convert from Typo to Mephisto (I updated that wiki page while I was there). I dug around in Mephisto 0.6’s source and found the converters in vendor/plugins/mephisto_converter. Not sure if there is a web interface to this - either way, things worked almost perfectly just running this command:

script/runner "Mephisto.convert_from :typo" -e production

You need to create a typo entry in database.yml that points to your existing Typo database. Also, the conversion will fail if any of your Typo users and email addresses are the same as the default Mephisto user admin. To avoid this just change the Mephisto user(s) login and email to something else.

So there's that, hopefully some time this year I'll update the look and feel.