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Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) had an minor update (version 10.4.8) not long ago and while the changelog seemed pretty uninteresting on the most part, there was one unannounced feature that’s pretty cool – Zoom Using Scroll Wheel. If you’ve already updated to 10.4.8, you can try it out for yourself now by holding the […]

When my dad asked me to duplicate a video CD, I decided I’d try to get it done on my new Mac (to, you know, get wow-ed by how easy it is on a Mac compared to the old way I used to do things on Windows). As it turns out, I was rather disappointed […]

Spent some time tinkering with Eclipse’s preferences today as I was really missing the Vibrant Ink theme for TextMate and Eclipse is looking pretty now… The only thing that I still couldn’t figure out was how to change the color of the folding/breakpoint bar next to the gutter. And I’m really starting to like the […]

No I didn’t “die” again… Here’s what’s been happening lately: I got a MacBook Pro. I’ve been rather blown away by the whole Mac OS X experience. Yes, I do have some gripes, but it’s one hell of a nice OS. I hope to write up on my whole “Switch” experience sometime soon. I threw […]

We‘re on the lookout for a Java Web Developer (ad on Craigslist). I managed to get “Ruby on Rails” into the ad copy somewhere heh – it gets kinda lonely working in a development team of Java heads. Anyway, we’re looking for a great Java developer to work with us in Singapore – if you’re […]