I did a search on Google for "Rimuhosting" today, some time after I signed up with them, and hey, there's my blog in 3rd spot - is that some mad SEO skillz or what. And then "oooh, there's an 'Application error (Rails)' result coming out, that's not good".

'Application error (Rails)' on Google

I thought it was amusing - Google must have crawled my site just as I had deployment troubles (yeah it was a smart move leaving MySQL to it's default settings and using the InnoDB storage engine on a memory-starved VPS). All seems fine now though I'm still somewhat amazed at the hungry Mongrels (at 25-40MB per Mongrel process, these things run more like St. Bernards). (A shout out to Ryan Daigle who has been giving me some Rails deployment advice.)

By the way, the "mad SEO skillz" comment was a joke, I wasn't at all surprised to be honest, Google just loves blogs (and they still do, after all this time of I've been not blogging).