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I’ve been setting up several Trac installations recently, and while Trac by itself is already pretty awesome (I love it’s simplicity and functionality that doesn’t get in the way), I was pretty dismayed to discover that administration isn’t that great. Configuring Trac is a matter of (more) hacking at the command line with the trac-admin […]

Got this in my email recently: Respected Webmaster, I found your page on Yahoo! when I was searching for Free Cartoon Porn (this topic is related to my site). You are running a great website and I would be happy to place your link on my site. If you would like to exchange text links […]

Well, that is if you are ever going to be submitting the form via Javascript. We had to generate forms on the fly and POST them behind the scenes (i.e. in hidden <iframe>s), and got a decent script going, until a particular case failed for no apparent reason. I finally found that the problem was […]

I did a search on Google for “Rimuhosting” today, some time after I signed up with them, and hey, there’s my blog in 3rd spot – is that some mad SEO skillz or what. And then “oooh, there’s an ‘Application error (Rails)’ result coming out, that’s not good”. I thought it was amusing – Google […]

Javac programmers are Very Slow and he is Agile My Rails Blob pokes fun at the cult of Ruby on Rails via satire. Recommended blog posts: Rubby Links on the W.W. w. and Upgradeing Rails: Securiety through Obscenity [sic]. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed. NO! – Bad User!!! The Daily WTF has this monthly […]