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Bug 308396 – UE fixes for tabbed browsing landed in the 2005-01-21 (Trunk) build of Firefox, bringing with it “tabbed browsing usability enhancements” (and I quote Ben Goodger from the bug page). One fix that I really like is the one related to moving focus after a tab is closed. Right now, if a link […]

Naming your computer

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24 Jan 2006

Great conversation pieces when you name your computer “vagina”.

An update: I’ve actually deleted the existing extension on the Firefox Add-ons site and added a new one per Patrick’s suggestion below, and it is now available there. And yeah, I didn’t put any of the changes you guys requested in there besides getting it to work for Firefox 1.5… I’ve seen your emails and […]

Remember back when you had to use a hack like a Greasemonkey script for one-click deletion of emails in Gmail? Well, Google has added a Delete button. (You’ll have to log out and log back in if you don’t see the button – well, at least I had to.)

Pop-up blunders

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14 Jan 2006

The Daily WTF has screenshots of some hilarious pop-up error messages over at it’s Pop-up Potpourri: Sixth Time is the Charm post. And cute that CVS servers send the string “I HATE YOU” whenever your login is incorrect.